how to clean skin pores and prevent acne and blackheads

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how to clean skin pores and prevent acne and blackheads

clean skin pores are the secret to get a good skin and a shiny face  free of defects . To achieve this, we must learn how to clean skin pores properly . uncleaned pores are the main reason for the appearance of acne and skin problems . – Follow these simple tips to get healthy skin that looks fantastic. To know some natural ways and tips that enable you to take care of your skin as to clean skin pores , follow these tips :

tips to clean skin pores and prevent acne and blackheads :

1 – Clean your face :
tips for acne and blackheads - clean your face– Remove the effects of make-up before going to sleep is essential to keep the skin supple and pure . So , be sure to remove the remnants of make-up of the face well using a gentle Makeup Remover . regular cleaning of  skin may be is really effective in getting healthy appearance of your skin. Follow the appropriate routine for the skin and make sure to wash the face at least twicea day using a gentle lotion – free oils .

2 – Using a toner :

– A Toner also is a wonderful product that helps to clean and purify the pores of skin . Use a toner daily to get your skin clean and tighten .
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3Peeling the skin :
how to clean skin pores and prevent acne and blackheads  - peeling the skin– peeling of the skin is one great step also necessary to ensure cleaning the pores. Choose a suitable peeled skin cream with natural extracts once or twice during the week , also choose a peeled cream that’s suitable to you skin type. Peeling the skin helps to get rid of the layers of dead skin and bacteria accumulated on the surface of the skin , which helps prevent clogged pores and prevent acne .
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4 – Jojoba oil :
– You can use other types of natural oils to the skin , but jojoba oil has some additional features . Jojoba oil is similar in composition of natural oils produced by the skin cells , also gives fast results and immediate . use it to clean skin pores , thereby acting to penetrate the pores quickly to help dissolve excess fat accumulated dust and final disposal .
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5- steam bath :
– It is one of the most effective treatments used in beauty salons to clean skin pores . You need also to choose a good scrub which is suitable for your skin type . and then subject your skin to steam for 5 minutes . After that , you can use any of the usual ways to fully clean skin pores so as to get rid of blackheads and white .

– These are simple ways of mostly common treatments used to clean skin pores  and remove dirt and impurities . But nevertheless ,  you should also wash your skin twice a day using a gentle lotion . Also, It’s advised to use a piece of wet cotton with milk to clean the face before going to sleep , to ensure the freshness of the skin and its recovery .

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