specific kinds of food with important vitamins

by samuel

specific kinds of food with important vitamins :

you might be one of those people who hate specific kinds of food . and hate even the idea of tasting those kinds of food or eating just little quantities of them . so how do you explain the fact that we love a kind of food and we hate another? do you think all the kinds of food that we like now, we used to enjoy eating them when we were younger?

specific kinds of food with important vitamins

– absolutely not, you wouldn’t like a specific kind of food because you used to do so in your childhood. in fact , you must be loving a kind of food because you have ate it , tasted it and then you found it delicious and you continue eating that food all the time.
– what we suggest as food tips is that you should analyse any kind of food before eating it : you should read about each meal’s ingredients and its calorific value . so by analyzing your food you will be professional in choosing your daily food wisely and then we can say you are eating healthy food and avoiding those kinds that can cause diseases to your health.

– If you are looking to keep you fit and healthy all your lifetime , you should know which types of food you can eat daily . so we must say that you will be needing daily 5 vitamins :

specific kinds of food with important vitamins :

– foods and vitamins:

specific kinds of food with important vitamins - vitamins and their orignins a c d e

– Vitamin A :
– this type of vitamins is resisting the diseases all the time , as it improves your Immunity system and keeps you shining by unifying the color of your entire body . so keep in mind that carrots and apricots are the main source of vitamin A.

– Vitamin C :
– this is a highly recommended vitamin by the heath specialists , it is more important to clean your skin a keep it clear even if you are getting older . so you should include this vitamin in your food and the only way to do it is by eating green pepper or only drinking a glass of orange juice daily.
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– Vitamin E :
– this vitamin helps the body growing which can also be used by human body cells to renew . so the only way to do get benifit from vitamin E is by using vegetable oil , and avoiding the manufactured butter .

– Vitamin D :
– this one helps with body fitness as it keeps the skin cleaner and shining . you can earn  vitamin D from natural bread or only including leafy vegetables in your food like lettuce as well as including Grains and pulses in your meals.

finally , we advice you to always analyse your food before eating it . don’t let ads toy with your health and eating habits . have what you need daily in vitamins and try to work out if possible or just walk outside for a while and let the sun provides you with vitamin D in order to Strengthen bones and teeth.

thanks, you can comment below for any questions , suggestions or issues..

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