how to get rid of cellulite using coffee

by ameera

how to get rid of cellulite using coffee

– Cellulite or orange peel phenomenon problem faced by many women and makes them feel ashamed of their shape and body .
also it affects young girls ; so this problem became one of the most common problems that face women , so It’s really Important for women to treat it and put this problem at the top of their priorities. I will show you how to HOW TO GET RID OF CELLULITE USING COFFEE.

how to get rid of cellulite using coffee

get rid of cellulite using coffe - learn about making coffee soap to get rid of cellulite - elegance and style– Cellulite is a result of the accumulation of toxins on the upper layer of the skin, turning the skin from the smooth shape to wrinkled orange rind. this causes lack of confidence to all women.
– each Woman looks for cosmetics skin tightening to become nicer and more attractive ; resorting to cosmetic clinics and lotions advertised on television . but the results are always unsatisfactory . In this article I will show you a great way to make soap using coffee to eliminate cellulite and tighten skin .

  • Glycerin Soap .
  • 5 tablespoons Turkish coffee .
  • Tablespoons ground cinnamon .
  • 3 tablespoons ginger , crushed .
  • Oil of cloves .
  • 3 cups water .

– How to prepare:

– heat rose water in a pot and the put coffee , ginger, cinnamon , and then bring the pot up from the fire and leave the mixture until It’s all the ingredients become in harmony .
– put the mixture on the fire again and add the soap and the clove oil and keep it until the soap melt , then take the pot out from the fire and wait until It’s cool.
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how to get rid of cellulite using coffee

– you can also try:

– Peeling the skin :

– this method is to reduce cellulite is very cheap all you have to do is buy a dry skin brush , or you can purchase abrasives for peeling the body and in this case you’ll get better results.

– Finally, you must know that to get rid of cellulite requires some time and that all the techniques that are used to get rid of it , which does not give immediate results.

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