hair dyeing before and after : tips and steps

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hair dyeing before and after : tips and steps

Every woman wants to look beautiful . that’s why they always try to get the perfect look and the perfect hair color . but while hair dyeing they must select an appropriate color shade to their skin color.
while hair dyeing we may face certain problems like dryness . so each woman should take in consideration that there are certain steps they have to follow in order to get healthy dyed hair cause hair dyeing needs more care to remain healthy.

 hair dyeing before and after tips and steps - elegance and stylethe following tips and steps are from hair experts and shall be followed while hair dyeing. follow them to do a healthy safe hair dyeing and to avoid leading your hair to dryness and getting damaged:

hair dyeing – before : tips and steps :

Simple Tips from the experts to follow before hair dyeing :

1- Avoid the use of oils before dying your hair.

2- If your hair is dry use moisturizing creams for the type of your hair.

3- Do not forget to use hair conditioning creams after washing your hair with shampoo.

4- Use the suitable serum for your hair to protect it from the heat when your blow it.

hair dyeing – after : tips and steps :

from experts: important steps to do after hair dyeing :

1- if you want to straighten your hair you may have to wait about 3 weeks because your hair will not tolerate the heat at the first stage of hair dying .

2- Use a special shampoofor hair dyeing . do not wash your hair more than 3 times a week. do not forget to choose the right cream for your hair.

3- Do not forget to use ultra-moisturizing cream bath for your hair twice a month.

4- Use a good towel to help absorb the water from your hair thoroughly without the need for drying. so as to minimize exposure to hot air ; which will make the hair loses its shiny look.

5- prevent your hair from chlorine. and if you are you going to swimming pools you must cover it before you swim .

6- Avoid washing your hair with hot water ; so as not to lose the color quickly.
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by using these tips, you can maintain the color of dyed hair for a long time in addition to that you’ve got a new shiny healthy hair and gorgeous appearance.

– if all the previous hair dyeing tips/steps seem not useful to you , contact us and get more help 😉 .

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