homemade body scrub with beautiful color

by ameera

homemade body scrub with beautiful color:

– Each woman loves to pay attention to her beauty and cleanliness in and outside the home . the most important methods of skincare is peeling and cleaning of dead skin on the body which leaves the skin soft.
So we are going to help you make a homemade body scrub with beautiful color which you can use when having a shower , in order to get rid of all dead skin and get a new look with a new pure clean skin .

homemade body scrub with beautiful color :

– Here are the ingredients and method of preparation homemade body scrub with beautiful color peeled freshener to impart softness and Brightening . also smelling good :


  • – a cup of english salt .
  • – Small tablespoon of essential oils such as jojoba , almond oil or any aromatic oils that you prefer .
  • – small amount of liquid food colors ( color will add an attractive color to your scrub – as desired) .
  • – ¼ cup sea salt .
  • – a bowl to mix the ingredients .

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how to make the homemade body scrub with beautiful color :

✔ Mix the ingredients together in the bowl well , until all the ingredients are mixed and in harmony .

✔ Leaves the mixture for about an hour .

✔ You can use it for peeling and perfuming and lighten your body during a bath . you can also fill the tub or bathtub with warm water and take a bath of warm water with a body exfoliation with this recipe .

✔ May turn the water in the bathtub to the color blue . do not be afraid it’s the color of liquid food : it’s is very safe .

homemade body scrub with beautiful color- elegance & style

– try this fresh and beautiful homemade body scrub   and you wont regret so , especially after you touch the results of the recipe.


Please comment below for further questions , issues or suggetions ..

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