how to make an apple pie for diet

by ameera

how to make an apple pie for diet

Do you want to eat  delicious apple pie for diet but you do not have courage to do so ? especially when you are on a diet ? If so then the solution is here with this simple recipe  of apple pie , try it and you won’t regret so.

ingredients of an apple pie for diet are listed below :

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how to make an apple pie for diet

-Ingredients and amounts:

  • ½ cup flour .
  • Small tablespoons of Baking Powder .
  • 2 eggs .
  • Teaspoon of vanilla .
  • Pinch of salt .
  • Cup of fructose .
  • ½ cup oil .
  • Cup  of milk or skim milk .
  • 4 pieces sliced ​​apples .
  • 4 tablespoons peeled almonds .
  • 4 tablespoons brown sugar .
  • Tablespoon cinnamon .

how to make an apple pie for diet : how to prepare

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– how to make an apple pie for diet easily and in brief short while :

– how to prepare:

1- Heat the oven to 180 ° C .

2- Mix the flour with baking powder in a bowl.

3- Put the eggs and vanilla and fructose in a blender and mix them well .

4- Add the yogurt , oil and egg mixture until they are well mixed with the components.

5- Add the flour mixture gradually with the continuous whipping .

6- spray a little oil and then supplies the dough on a solid surface strewn with flour.

7- Put the dough in the oven and Drain apple slices on the top .

8- Almonds mixed with brown sugar and cinnamon in a bowl , then scatter the mixture over the apples.

9- put them all into the oven and leave for about half an hour or until color changes.

10- take it out  from the oven and set aside until cool .

11- Offer this apple pie when it cools.

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