how to wake up in early morning

by ameera

how to wake up in early morning

We always feel sleepy in the morning and feel it hard to wake up in the alarm time , and If we did we feel so lazy .. so I’m going to give ideas on how to wake up in early morning without feeling lazy.

how to wake up in early morning

how to wake up in early morning - 6 tips and steps

below are 6 easy steps you can follow on how to wake up in early morning and can help you start a comfortable business or vacation day :

✔ Set the alarm away from you

Make sure before going to sleep to put your alarm clock away from you , so that it is out of reach of your hands when it rings to wake you up . this will push you to wake up go to stop it , so you’ll wake up easily without laziness ..

✔ Shining Alarm

if you are that kind of person who can’t wake up unless there’s too much light then you may use a shining alarm of your taste.

✔ Annoying alarm

you can use alarm with annoying sounds to help you wake up. and as everybody says, “never set your favourite song as the alarm clock” ! this wouldn’t help you waking up early trust us 😉

✔ Seek the help of one of your friend

you can ask one of your friends to call you in the morning to wake up by speaking with you about topics or joking with you , so he/she may help you wake up easily and even with a good mood !

✔ Motivate yourself

look for things that may motivate you to wake up early in the morning , just like having an appointment with a personality or even a friend .. this will encourage you to wake up early as to get ready for your meeting ..

✔ Try to do some exercise

After waking up you still got the feeling that you need to sleep , so try evaluating any activity , for example, do some exercise or have a short walk.

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we finally hope all the steps we published on how to wake up in early morning are useful and can lead you to start your days in comfortable ways and meet your goals and success in your life projects.

Please comment below for further questions , suggestions or issues. stay tuned for more.

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