kinds of food that makes you happy

by ameera

kinds of food that makes you happy

when we feel sad or depressed we tend to eat more than usual and we always eat in order to get over sadness and become happier… so I will show you kinds of food that makes you happy and feeling better as well as overcoming your depression .

food that makes you happy

food that makes you happy - eat the food you like

there are 10 kinds of kinds of food that makes you happy and bring you happiness and resist depression , including:   1 – Chocolate : Contain caffeine , which stimulus the nervous system and is an important factor to save it from fatigue and stress , Which makes you immediately feel comfortable , relaxed and happy . Chocolate also contains a proportion of sugar that can help raise the levels of the hormone serotonin that regulates your mood. 2 – Fish : Research has shown that people who live near the sea appear happier than others . Probably because those people keep on eating fish which contains high amounts of omega-3 ; which in turn helps to calm the nerves . It also showed that fish is good for treatmenting depression : fish oil can be as effective as drug Prozac ;  a common medications for the treatment of depression diseases . 3 – Spinach : Containing folic acid : this acid leads to a lower incidence of tension and anxiety. 4 – tomatoes : Tomatoes contain lycopene compound that gives a brilliant red color . a tomatoe isalso used as an effective treatment in the fight against depression and it also improves your mood . it also prevents the formation of inflammatory compounds in the brain that are associated with depression. 5 – red beet : Beet is a good source of vitamin B ; essential for memory , sense of humor , and the ability to find information quickly . It contains a compound used by the brain to fight depression naturally . 6 – chili : the taste of chili pepper substance helps to melt the fat in the blood , the brain and the production of compound endorphin – which works to calm the nerves . 7 – Garlic : Contains a large amount of metal chromium , which affects the hormone serotonin. 8 – Honey : Unlike sugars harmful useless , honey contains many of the materials improved mood by vitamins , folic acid , iron, manganese and 181 different vital compounds . 9 – Cherry : Doctors call it in the natural aspirin ,it gives a feeling of overwhelming happiness . 10 – Bananas : Contains a natural chemical compound gives self-confidence. [xyz-ihs snippet=”post-ad”] now, after reading all the 10 kinds of kinds of food that makes you happy we ‘ ve talked about, you must be now wise to pick up a specified kind while you are hungry or feeling sad and all is going to roll better and happier. comment below for further suggestions or issues.

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