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Privacy Policy – elegance and style

to require more information about our privacy policy , please do contact us .

Log Files :

Our Visitors privacy policy is so important to us . like so many other sites around the world wide web , uses log files . your log files include your Internet Protocol address (IP) , date and time of log , the type of browser used ,  incoming links ( where you found our site : Google search , facebook .. ) , and the movement of our visitors around the site’s content .

Email Privacy :

Newsletter :

by signing up in our newsletters, email notifications and notifications of new posts by email , your email address remains private and in safe hands . we do NOT sell or promote your email address to any 3rd party network or anyone requiring .

comments :

to leave a comment and participate in the posts comments, you are asked to enter your valid email address . this email address will always remain private and used only to prove that you are not a bot or a spammer .

contact :

to contact us , we require your email address . although it’s required , your email address will be kept private and it’s used only to prove that you are not a bot or a spammer , and to contact you through it as we reply to your messages.

DART Cookies – Google AdSense : is a website devoloped on WordPress platform . there are ads displayed by Google AdSense , for these ads , we are paid some little money to show .
> about Google ads .

Google AdSense is used to display ads in . these ads use your own preference and cookies to display text , link and image ads based on your cookies : search queries , activities over the internet and the terms you used on search engines .
> Google ads privacy & terms .

Search box :

there are 2 search boxes used on this website : one of  Google custom search engine and another which is this site’s search box .

Google Custom Search engine’ box (cse) searches the world wide web . by using cse you agree to Google search privacy policy ( ) .

our own search box gets result from this website ( ) .


If you want to keep all your log files and cookies private , you can disable your browser’s cookies . you can do so through your own browser’s options and settings . or you may use google chrome’s Incognito mode (Ctrl+Shift+N) .

to require more information about our privacy policy , please do contact us .

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