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friendship day 2014 elegance and style

International Friendship day anniversary quotes , messages , wallpapers and pictures 2014

by ameera

Friendship day , is an important day for everyone of us for celebrating friendship. Friends means a lot to us as everyone of us needs a friend to count on and call them when they need help.
International friendship day is on the first Saturday of August , so Its a great chance for us to make something special for our friends or even show them how they are important to us.

Here are some ideas to celebrate friendship day :

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Your friendship is a special gift generously given Happily accepted and deeply appreciated happy friendship day wallpapers images quotes wishes sms messages elegance and style

happy friendship day wallpapers, quotes, wishes and text messages

by samuel


When Friendship Day was found ?

Back in 1919, the term Friendship Day was founded by Hallmark, they say this special day was created by a greeting card industry for celebrating friendship through exchanging cards and wishes. Winnie The Pooh was recognized the world’s ambassador of Friendship in the UN.

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