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Your friendship is a special gift generously given Happily accepted and deeply appreciated happy friendship day wallpapers images quotes wishes sms messages elegance and style

happy friendship day wallpapers, quotes, wishes and text messages

by samuel


When Friendship Day was found ?

Back in 1919, the term Friendship Day was founded by Hallmark, they say this special day was created by a greeting card industry for celebrating friendship through exchanging cards and wishes. Winnie The Pooh was recognized the world’s ambassador of Friendship in the UN.

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happy parents day 2014 wallpapers sms quots wishes and sayings - beautiful good lookinf flowers and roses red and green elegance and style happy parents day white background cool

Happy Parents Day 2014 wallpapers, quotes, images and Paintings

by samuel

Happy Parents Day 2014 wallpapers, quotes, images and Paintings :

– Parents Day is a big occasion made to honor and great our parents for their hard work and all they have done to us their kids and appreciate that.

– Parents Day Dates around the world :

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happy fathers day 2014 - blak and white picture happy fathers day F- forever with his family A- always there for you no matter what T- the only one who's there H- he's my hero till the end E- encouraging in everything i do R- really the only one

happy fathers day 2014 wallpapers – images and text messages – sms wishes

by samuel

happy fathers day 2014 wallpapers -and text messages – sms for whatsapp ,facebook and more :

fathers day 2014 in June 15, 2014 !

To Complement mothers day , Fathers day is an honorable celebration that happens the 15th June Of Each Year . Some Countries celebrate it the 3rd Sunday of June , but widely on 15 June .

this great occasion is offered to our honorable fathers honoring them and congratulating them for all the good things they have done to us ; their children . as fathers day comes closer , we all need to think about a special way to surprise our fathers and wish them happiness in their entire life . therefore , we have collected a huge collection of happy fathers day wallpapers , animated images and text messages -SMS- to send and post to our amazing dads as we wish them a special day and happiness in the rest of their lives .

we need to congratulate them alot !. our fathers have already fought and struggled to keep us living as better as they could .. they interested in providing us better living and breathing ..

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