what to do when you are depressed or sad

by ameera

what to do when you are depressed or sad

You may feel from time to time with some sadness for many reasons may be emotional problems or work or as a result of many pressures. that would affect your life and your relationship with others , leading to a state of depression.
– so we are going to introduce for you some Ideas and what to do when you are depressed or sad and feeling down .

 what to do when you are depressed or sad : suggestions .

– below are some suggestions and a list of what to do when you are depressed or sad. read them all and try to do them to get over your sadness:

1- check old photos :

– you can check your old photos that record your finest moments . check albums that collect images of your family , and your friends and remember those moments in a fun and intellectual attitudes of happy associated with the image . then try to forget anything that might bother you .

2- listen to music :

what to do when you are depressed or sad - listen to music

– by saying listening to music I mean the ones that bring happiness to you . the ones with positive impact on you . this would really help you feel better and happy.

3- eat the food you like :

what to do when you are depressed or sad - eat the food you like

– eating a good Meal may have a positive impact on your mental and physical attitude . you can try pizza or pasta or any type of would really be good for you . the feelings of hunger is one of the factors that affect your happiness .

4- deep breathing :

– Respiratory deeply Valtnevs correctly able to eject feelings of sadness inside you . Begin from now breathe deeply and then exhale smoothly and comfort to ensure the healing of the feelings of anxiety and stress.

5- go and socialize :

– Take care of the problem of your friends or relatives and help them solve their problems . Providing help to others internally gives a sense of happiness and expels you a sense of sadness . as you will add a sense of confidence and self-satisfaction ,  and turn the negative energy into positive energy .
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6- Overcome problems :

– Try to overcome your problems constantly studies have shown that even concealment of anger over the blast of bad feelings also lead to depression multiplier.

7- traveling :

– the decision to travel to a place preferential feels good . and it did something unexpected and out of the case of routine stimulates the brain and leads to a feeling of happiness .

8- watch romantic movies :

what to do when you are depressed or sad - watch romantic movies

– a romantic film would really makes you feel good . a good movie has the possibility to give you positive energy and hope in life . you can watch it and eat  your favorite candy or chocolate or pop corn to melt you sadness.

> suggested  movies . 


9- Stay away from what is bothering you :

– stay away from the things that bother you . and forget all your problems . also stay away from the people that may cause you depression and be with those who bring you positive energy .

10- Warm bath :

– Go back to take a warm bath , with your favorite fragrance . the warm water helps to relax the nerves and expels the feelings of anger . and your favorite fragrance helps to improve your mood.

– finally we hope all the suggestions of what to do when you are sad – listed above – are helpful and useful and can make you forget about your sadness and get over it.

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