wrong beauty beliefs considered right

by ameera

wrong beauty beliefs considered right


I’m going to show you 7 wrong beauty beliefs considered right and we all believe we can rely on them in our make up operations .

wrong beauty beliefs considered right

wrong beauty beliefs considered right

– below  are 7 wrong beauty beliefs considered right , based on trusted studies , high percent of  people all around the world trust them  :

1 – grab white hair leads to the emergence of more :

– It is really something wrong : the emergence of white hair is an essential part of the aging process and one of the signs of aging . Some people may think that the frequent appearance of white hair due to garbing those white hair ; but that is not true ! white hair grows naturally as a result of some genetic factors , as doctors have confirmed that the hair follicles do not produce only one hair , and when you grab one white hair only one of them appear instead .


2 – the use of hair removal machine makes the new hair grow more rough :
– It is also one of the common wrong beauty beliefs considered right , and the only reason behind the growth of rough hair after using the hair removal machine , is that the machine works on cutting the hair from the surface of the skin which is not completely extracted from the roots. therefore , when this hair grow again , it grows large part at the end of the hair , which may seem rough .

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3 – Use ice cubes helps to reduce the size of the pores of the skin:
– In fact : nothing can help to reduce the size of the pores . the size of  pores is the result of some genetic factors , and the effect of temperature on the skin . but in spite of that ; some of the types of toner and materials may make your skin pores look smaller temporarily , as it works to get rid of excess oils inside the skin cells .
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4 – toothpaste treats pimples :

– It may seem that it is true  : the toothpaste contains menthol and some other active ingredients that help to dry out pimples and accelerate the process of healing . but in spite of that , these components in the toothpaste may cause skin irritation and severe dehydration , so , it is better to use creams and mixtures of natural treatment for warts instead of toothpaste.
> instead, a steam bath can help you treat pimples/acne .


5 – chocolate lead to the appearance of dark spots on the skin :

– Good news for chocolate lovers :  although chocolates contain sugars and some fat , but that does not lead to acne . there are some genetic factors , hormones and feeling nervous are the main reasons behind acne , the dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants , known for its multiple benefits on skin health , this kind of chocolate also contains lower percentage of calories.
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6 – Avoid the use of oil -based products for oily skin :

– In fact : the best way to treat the problems of oily skin is oily using detergent ; the oil in the cleaner will prevent increased secretion of natural oils within the skin , while eliminating toxins and dust , on the contrary ; will operate special skin care products on oily skin completely stripped of natural oils , which works on dry skin and exposed to damage.
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7 – diet and exercise may work to get rid of cellulite :

– One of the most common thoughts ; many women follow these healthy habits just to get rid of cellulite raised , but the truth is : despite this , the cellulite is not fatty deposits , but it is a defect in the skin’s elasticity . it might be true that diet and exercise have some influence on it , especially for weight loss , but it does not work to get rid of it altogether , but there are many of the available treatments and creams that work to get rid of the appearance of cellulite effectively .
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wrong beauty beliefs considered right

– we finally hope you have read all the 7 wrong beauty beliefs considered right – listed above – and our main aim now is that we published the truth and now you will no longer trust these wrong beauty biliefs.

– comment bellow for any suggestions of issues..


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